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Originally Posted by Walt Strong

What is the shaft speed and what is the type if coupling on the small critical pump?

In all of my years working on machinery, I have not seen adjustable pipe supports to control shaft alignment. I learn something almost every day, so that makes my career interesting! It seams to me that a good shaft coupling, such as disc pack with spacer, that can accommodate thermal growth misalignment combined with precision alignment with some correction for thermal growth. This should be more than adequate for this application. Actual hot-running shaft alignment can be measured while operating, or bearing housing position change can be measured during operation; anything else is just a guess!


1500rpm, with a normal disc-coup with spacer.

The big problem here is that we can only test at ambient. The hot temps only arise when there is a meltdown [wink].

Also, I don't think we have any horizontal machines with a cantilevered motor like that. It seems like a recipe for dynamic disaster!
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