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Originally Posted by electricpete
It's been a mystery to me for a looong time, at least 10 years since I wrote that presentation.  Thanks for finally clearing that up for me!


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Aha.  I guess whatever I learned a year ago didn’t stick very well.  Along with the concern about potentially creating resonance in the perpendicular direction, you pointed out the potential consequences of that perpendicular vibration on the mounting  of the absorber (shear stresses on the absorber mounting).

Adding an absorber in the perpendicular direction (or 3 spaced at 120 degrees) addressed both these concerns in your application.

In the one vertical absorber that we had, as I recall there was 10 or 20% separation in the perpendicular direction bump test results (which I don’t trust completely) and more importantly we didn’t see any elevated vib in the perpendicular direction.  But we might not be so lucky next time.

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