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Has anyone gone from CSi To Commtest and what did you miss that the MHM analysis software does that commtest software doesn't do?
Reason I ask is a client wants my/there data to be available on there  GE? baker-hughes? system 1.
Which will probably mean getting commtest collector and software. I've only ever used CSi/MHM so a new challenge for me

Oh and can MHM database be imported converted to Commtest? The sales people say yes, but really, can it? history, trends and all that
Thanks in advance

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Have not used Commtest so can’t speak directly to this. But I’ve been toying with switching to Adash because of the cost savings (in retirement). But running routes today with the 2140 I thought about how fast and efficient it is, and wondered if I’d ever be happy with a different “work flow” in the field as well as back at the desk. For those of you who’ve switched from one system to another, is it hard to get in a new groove with your work flow?
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Ay when I was young I swapped systems like my shirt every 10 years, now it is more like a hurdle but I frequently operate and even sometimes support (almost forgot how that was "have you plugged out and in the dongle if the software hung on that?" No why?) So from the last 5+ systems (Adash, SpectraPro, OneProd, MEExplorer, Commtest, CSi, IRD) original Commtest stands out as one of the better as we followed it from the start and I knew their software guy (he "retired" as a hard rock guitar player in London or so he said last I heard from him) so we tried to push it into something useful as it was and I still use it in some case once a year and when I need a waterfall FFT plot and I used it for like 10 years.

However things are not left alone since they now are GE they as usually messed it up as it has been described to me but I do not know how in detail but some good things for analysis are missing, likely my waterfall as it is returned to being a standard route collecting system providing data for the System 1 that seems to be a special case by itself but I seen very little of it.
GE claim that they will make all functions available in the new software as in the old, they always say that, I always doubt that.
I saw it briefly at the status it was a couple of years ago and to me it did seem to have some way left to go.
So check the speed you reach when collecting data if that will influence your pricing......
Converting database? Good luck with that, Commtest used to be a SQL database and I guess it is that also with GE. Maybe you can convert the structure and start over anyway, but I don't know the current status.


I think in general that there would be a space for a basic entry level system for smaller industry but do they care about maintenance?

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I used Commtest five years ago, and they were 20 years behind with software. They would have had to put a zillion man hours in their software package to get it up to any of the other software being used on a regular basis. Now take what I said with a grain of salt because as stated, five years ago was when I fooled with them. But they were of the stone age then. Yes, it was simple to use, but it only did simple things too. There was no way they could have converted anyone’s data other than overall values to have been incorporated into their platform
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