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Does anyone use the cepstrum FFT in their analysis? I am curious if this can be an effective tool for trending gearboxes when I don't have any information on the gearbox from the manufacturer. If I was to add cepstrum to my monthly data collection would an increase in peaks in the cepstrum FFT alert me to harmonics developing either from bearing damage, or gear wear/damage. I monitor many planetary multi-stage gearboxes that have high, or constantly changing vibration amplitudes due to process demand (or VFD [frown]). I was looking through the measurement definitions and brainstorming ways I could be more effective in analyzing these gearboxes. So I thought I would ask the experts...and you guys[biggrin]. I have really enjoyed a large number of the discussions that have happened here lately...Thank you all!

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I used bk vibro xms and it was done on the FFT in the software/analizer, not a different measurement data collection time was allways the same.

Played a lot and I did not found anything with cepstrum, but never had a gearbox route I could have a significant trend or problem.


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I have also only had the capability in a couple of systems and it has been a post processing option.  I have also seen it as a gearbox analysis tool and so far nobody liked to spend money to analyse a bad gearbox but your suggestion seems good, you will get peaks that indicate the variation of a family of peaks so it would be less trees in the wood hopefully.
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