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Ive been using a triax for several month now and noticed my vertical readings are trending higher compared to my old single channel accel. Im taking the readings in the horizontal z axis without a mounting pad. Anybody else seen a change similar to this.

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I used the DLI Engineering Expert Alert system for over 25 years (which also used a standard triax sensor) and I never observed any particular sensor trending higher.

Not sure of your setup, but the Azima DLI sensor could be oriented in a number of ways (depending on the notch on the mounting disc), so the "vertical" accel was not always the same accel/channel on the triaxial array.

Not sure what you mean by "readings trending higher". Are you seeing the entire frequency range of levels going higher or an increased noise floor? 

We always had a portable shaker to confirm "adequacy" of the sensors. I could actually use wax to confirm the off-axis (i.e. not in-line with mounting screw) sensors reading was as I expected.  This was not a hard core calibration....just a feel good check that I didn't screw up the input settings and that the whole system was reading properly.

Of course, you can always send back the sensor (and DAQ system for that matter) and have it more formally calibrated.

Jim P
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