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 Disputes in Acceptance Testing
 Most of the time (>70% of the cases) 0 0%
 Sometimes (between 30-70%) 2 14%
 Not frequently (less than 30%) 7 50%
 I'm not involved in acceptance testing 5 35%
Total votes: 14   Please or sign up to vote.

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I think a large amount of our FATs for engineered pumps will run into 'problems', but ones that are easily ameliorated physically. If they can't be, they will try to convince the customer its okay, even when it may not be okay. If either the customer is conifdent enough to insist, or if they are ignorant enough to not understand why the factory test is not equivalent to the field setup, then I come in and try to convince them, or less often, try to fix the problem.

Of all pumps, disputes (any diagreement that warrants further testing or modifications to the test setup or machine) I'd guess at about 5%. For disputes that last longer than a few days, maybe 1%. If all witnesses were vibration experts, I suspect this would be 5x higher.

Danny Harvey

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In one of the 1% 'ers that I have been involved in, the only thing that the two parties could agree on was the need for more testing. We tried to direct them towards the obvious resonance but they dictated what tests to do. So we did them, plus some more, then some more and finally some more plus the ones that we really needed and eventually convinced both parties to stiffen something. 

It worked but our money faucet got cut off.[rolleyes] 

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