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Has anybody done any analysis on EC motors/fans? Either with fixed accels or MCSA/ESA?

Fixed stator on the inside, rotor on the outside with magnetic bearings.

3 Phase 400V AC Supply, but commutates it to DC onboard.

  EC Motors.png 


Not huge motors (3 kw/5 Hp), but very critical.


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Data centre fans by any chance? Have come across a lot of them in large data centres for the largest online shopping company who have a few data centres in Ireland.
Mainly Ziehl Abegg brand, pretty much a consumable throw them in the thrash when’s they go. Designed to go in a 9/12 fan array and controlled on a software system like a hive mind type thing.
They (data centre)
Pretty much reckoned was pointless monitoring them.
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