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Happy Friday!!!

  I was wondering if anyone had experience with thickness testing using eddy current. We have a diamond plate floor with extensive corrosion and I need to determine what areas need to be replaced.  The UT equipment doesn't work due to the porosity and degradation of the steel.  The flooring is ferrous and originally measured .25in.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Thanks - Matt

John from PA

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At least technology using something like a "standard" BN proximity probe would likely not work since the penetration is about 20 mils deep in carbon steel.  However, other eddy current technologies with deeper penetration may be available.  Do a google search on terms like magnetic induction thickness, amplitude eddy current and phase-sensitive eddy current

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I used to use an oufit out of Ill for UT'ing of gearing and shafts when I was in the mining industry. They used an eddy current probe to determine thickness of some of my gears, and to determine depth of some cracks in them. It was preferred by them on old greasy, rough castings as you didn't have to use couplant and try to slide it around like normal UT.
That was 25 years ago, so I'm sure someone has perfected the technology by now.
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