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The Electric Power Research Institute is an organization that supports US Utilities. EPRI has collected a lot of good useful information for the power industry.  This info used to be reserved for utilities that paid the big $ fee for EPRI membership.  It was always relevant for me because it carried credibility (people would believe me more if I could cite an EPRI document than a random internet resource).

Lately, EPRI makes a lot of this info freely available to anyone (you just have to give them your email):

Here are some links:

EPRI alignment guide


EPRI lubrication guide


Pump Troubleshooting Volume 1 (secondary plant pumps)


Pump Troubleshooting Volume 2 (primary plant pumps)


EPRI PPRM Volume 6 – Electric Motors


EPRI PPRM V16 = Handbook to Assess the Insulation Condition of Large Rotating Machines


EPRI PPRM V17 = Guide for Rewinding and Reconditioning Medium Voltage Electric Motors


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Thanks, Pete, This is a great set of resources.

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Excellent resources! No doubt they used to be paid documents.
Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa
Walt Strong

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Thanks for the reference links. A long time ago. when I worked for Stone & Webster Engineering I could get the expensive EPRI materials.

John from PA

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Could resource material!

They could have been made available to the public because the publication date is from 2000 or earlier, some as far back as 1988 (at least the links I checked).  If I was a member power gen company, forking out the major bucks, and I do mean major, then from time to time I want to see some some updates.
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