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Step one of our updating of our product range are now confirmed and working.
It is a 2-plane field or soft balancing machine upgrade kit.
I have used it for like 15-20+ years in various versions but this is the latest and greatest
and w/o competition the best price / performance product currently available.

I have the honor to present the MEBalancer to you.
Software currently running on win PC with wireless Bluetooth data transfer from measurement unit, fully battery operated.
2 accels, tacho and ordinary accessories comprehensive vector plot aka Owl eyes with tracking of progress graphically etc. etc. Static / coupled, all the bells and whistles and proven. 15 pcs of this version are in operation since a more than a full year back at customer, end user use.
HMI is a 8" fully drop safe rugged IP67 PAD with touch and Win10 etc. Locally we supply Swedish physical keyboard, export may have to find a English or it may be locally sourced it is a std PC thing.
With the wireless Bluetooth btw the box and the PC it is a unique flexible experience as you can duck and cover within Bluetooth range and still get data. Will be upgraded to include vibrometer, bearingcondition etc, currently have FFT.

I have balanced things with this you could never imagine, gasturbine discs during reblading and repair now operating trouble free in north see and Greece, huge fan rotors and everything in between part from the kitchen sink. Those we sold last year include a grinding discs grinder  for band saw blade refurb and sharpening, huge industrial shredder rotor production etc etc.

Preorders taken, 6-8 weeks delivery currently it may change.

Potential resellers, inquire your demo package within the week to gain a reseller slot.

Keep balancing, keep vibration low. I look forward to discuss further with you.

Vibrationsteknik AB
The Original since 1972 and 1952


Good Vibrations since early 1950's, first patented vibrometer 1956 in the US.
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