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What does GTI Predictive's iPad Platform offer?

GTI created a suite of iOS apps to offer a wide variety of predictive maintenance and reliability tools on the iPad. Here are just some of the tools available: vibration analysis, machine certification, vibration meter, thermography, laser shaft alignment, dynamic field balancing, shop balancing, ultrasonic, power current signal analysis, and a variety of custom applications developed for customers. 

Many of these apps share data between tools to offer advanced features; such as including a balancing or alignment report to show how the vibration problem was fixed. Creating a unified history of your assets. 

Our iPad applications communicate directly with a suite of online applications to offer additional reporting and post-processing of data collected in the field from any Internet connected computer. 

What accelerometers does GTI's system support?

The wired system supports every standard BNC connected accelerometer.

GTI also offers two wireless accelerometers; each with different capabilities. The GTI-220 is a two-channel zero latency wireless Piezoelectric accelerometer. It communicates to the iPad over a proprietary 2.4 GHz network that directly talks to a receiver plugged into the iPad. This accelerometer can be used with any USB device including Windows computers. Users will not notice any reliability or speed difference using this versus the wired options. This sensor and our wired sensors provide a live FFT and can capture TWF data. A port on the accelerometer allows for an additional accelerometer or tachometer to be plugged in. Tachometer support allows for wireless balancing.

GTI also offers a single-channel Bluetooth accelerometer designed for use in harsh environments.   

What advanced analysis features do you have? 

  • Time-Waveform Analysis (VibePro 8 / VibePro 7 in TWF mode with WebApp / VibePro DSA / WebApp)
  • Frequency Spectrum Analysis (VibePro 7 / VibePro 8 / VibePro DSA / WebApp)
  • Integrated Velocity Spectrum (VibePro 7 / VibePro 8 / VibePro DSA / WebApp)
  • Integrated Displacement Spectrum (Web App)
  • RMS / Window RMS / 0-Peak calculations (VibePro 7 / VibePro 8 / VibePro DSA / WebApp)
  • Hierarchy / Route Data Collection (VibePro 7 & 8)
  • Hierarchy Data Visualization  (VibePro 7 / VibePro 8 / WebApp)
  • Vibration Spectrum WaterFall Plot (WebApp)
  • Alert / Danger Threshold Setting for Each Point (VibePro 7 / VibePro 8 / WebApp)
  • Machine Repair Urgency Indication (WebApp: Heat Map)
  • Vibration Trend for RMS Values (VibePro 7 / VibePro 8  / WebApp)
  • Vibration Trend for Peak and Crest Factor (VibePro 8 / WebApp)
  • Spectrum Averaging (VibePro 7, VibePro 8, VibePro DSA)
  • Orbit Analysis (VibePro DSA)
  • Spectrum Windowing -Hanning/Hamming/Blackman (VibePro 8 / VibePro DSA / WebApp)
  • Signal Demodulation / Filtering (VibePro 8 / VibePro DSA / VibePro 7 in TWF mode with WebApp / WebApp)
  • Bearing Fault Frequency Markers  (VibePro 8 / VibePro DSA / VibePro 7 with WebApp / WebApp)
  • Impact Test with Force Indication (iBumpTest)
  • Vibration Transmissibility Analysis (Transmissibility)
  • Vibration Cross-Phase Analysis (X-Phase)
  • Relative Phase Analysis (PhasePro)
  • Correlation (VibePro DSA

*VibePro DSA Available Spring 2017, VibePro 8 Available Summer 2017

What are the frequency resolution specifications for GTI’s system?

Different capture methods are available with the following specifications: 

  • 1.33Hz with 16,384 Lines of Resolution @ Fmax of 20,000 Hz
  • 0.33Hz with 16,384 Lines of Resolution @ Fmax of 5,000 Hz
  • 0.1682Hz with 131,072 Lines of Resolution @ Fmax of 20,000 Hz (6 seconds, TWF Capture)

What features are unique to GTI’s system? 

  • Instant report sharing via email directly on collection device
  • Augmented Reality assists in determining angle to add or remove weight when balancing
  • Camera used for enhanced reporting
  • QR Code: Display by machine to pull up machine in route data capture via camera
  • Access to full suite of 3rd party iPad apps to assist managing facilities
  • FaceTime or Skype Video on device to assist with on-site problems from off-site experts
  • In-app manuals to quickly and easily answer operational questions

What are your route collection capabilities? 

Routes are setup with 3 layers of organization: Plant/Area, Machine, and Point. Each machine can include a photo, VibePro allows annotating of that photo with arrows and markings to help designate measurement points. 

Each point has a variety of custom settings available, options are below (point settings can be configured in web app or iPad app):  

  • Velocity or Acceleration
  • Fmax
  • Running Speed
  • Bearing Model
  • Vibration Thresholds
  • Temperature Threshold (temperature data can be captured automatically with custom accessory for GTI-220)
  • Channel 1 or Channel 2 capture option (useful for permanent mounted accelerometers)
  • Measurement Direction (Horizontal, Vertical, or Axial) 

What is included in vibration analysis reports generated from the iPad? 

  • Company Logo
  • Time/Date Stamp
  • Asset Name
  • GPS Map of Asset Location
  • Overall RMS
  • Severity Chart for Both Velocity and Acceleration
  • FFT Spectrums for Both Velocity and Acceleration
  • Photo of Asset
  • Notes
  • Mini example spectrums to aid in diagnosing imbalance, misalignment, looseness, and rolling element bearing failure

What is included in vibration analysis reports generated from the web app?

  • Company Logo
  • Time/Date Stamp
  • Asset Name
  • Asset Location in Route Hierarchy
  • Machine Speed
  • Broad Band RMS value
  • Low Band RMS value
  • Medium Band RMS value
  • High Band RMS value
  • Overall RMS value
  • Values for Top 6 Peaks
  • Bearing Model Info
  • FFT Spectrum for Measurement
  • Photo of Asset
  • Notes

*Reports can also be generated for points, machines and plant areas. Additional information available in these reports include: waterfall plot, vibration trend chart, machine severity heat map, and GPS map of facility location

How is software licensing handled? 

Software for our iPad systems are distributed exclusively through the App Store and carry with them the same provisions any other iOS has. One major benefit is your purchased applications can be installed on many different iPads without any additional fees. Applications only need to be purchased once; which reduces cost for customers purchasing multiple iPad systems. New features are added through free software updates. 

Does your system have any recurring costs? 

The only recurring cost to using our system is our web application. The yearly cost is $299 (available for reduced rates paying for multiple years at one time). The web application provides access to a wide variety of post-processing and reporting tools on any Internet connected computer. The yearly fee pays for the costs in securely hosting this data and the ongoing development work being done to both the web app and iOS apps.  

What happens if our iPad breaks? 

Accidents happen and thankfully our system is easier to get up and running again than most. Simply buy a new iPad at any electronics retailer, login to your App Store account to download your system's software, and finally enter the calibration value of your sensor (this value is given to you at time of purchase). Users that choose to backup their devices to iTunes or iCloud can restore their iPads as well to recover preferences and data saved in a variety of apps. Web app users are also able to download any vibration route data within the VibePro iPad app. 

Do you offer training? 

Yes, we offer three types of training. Skype video training is available for $99/hour. GTI classroom training is available at GTI’s facility for $499/day. GTI can also travel to your facility for training this is available for $1,200/day plus expenses. 

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