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I wanted to take a minute to share some information about our iPad based platform that we've been building up since the iPad was released over 5 years ago. Over the past 5 years GTI has been adding new tools and refining existing ones to perfect this now very mature iPad based platform.

Our current lineup includes hardware/software solutions on the iPad for vibration analysis, thermography, balancing, laser shaft alignment, geometric measurements, ultrasonic, phase analysis, electric current monitoring, machine certification, and other custom applications developed for individual companies.

Alongside our iPad applications is a full suite of web applications that take the data captured with the iPad and provide an environment on a desktop or laptop computer to do post-processing, reporting and other tasks that are better suited while back at your desk in front of your main computer. Data is directly uploaded from our iPad apps into the web app.

Ease of use is something we have taken very seriously. GTI's goal with this platform is to provide a single device to accomplish one of many different tasks, all done with easy to use touch enabled software. Being on the iPad also brings with it the benefits of using top of the line hardware for the tablet running the software and an easy to manage software ecosystem to have access to the software you own.

GTI customers can easily install their applications on several different iPads; making it easy to have backup systems. Our applications also talk to one another because of them all being on one device. Data when appropriate is easily shared to another. Thermography images for example can be sent over to VibePro to be included in a vibration analysis report.

Here is a video showcasing our platform for those interested - feel free to post any questions you have about our system.

Tim Chaten
Marketing Coordinator
GTI Predictive Technology

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