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Danny Harvey

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I saw a reference to a "hanning/cos^2" window the other day while using SKF stuff.  

Does anybody know what the cos^2 means?
Walt Strong

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Here is one explanation from DasyLab software:
  • Hanning — Evaluates the signal with the Hanning window. The Hanning window corresponds to the cosx window with the value x=2.The Hanning window is a frequently used evaluation window, because it unites easy calculation with a balanced affect on the attenuation of the side bands and the broadening of the main band.

  • cosx — Evaluates the signal with the cosine window which represents a generalization of the Hanning window.

    • Parameter — Specifies the exponent x. Integer values such as 1, 2, 3 and 4 would make sense in this case. You can also use the context menu to insert a global variable.

      If the exponent is enlarged, the evaluation functions decline towards the edge and the side bands are more attenuated. This window function also leads to a signal broadening in the main band which leads to a lower sharpness of the spectral line resolution.

There are many references on Google search.

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