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It is not uncommon to have the start of as we call it a wild goose chase with debris found at the oil return in a papermachine.... You just to have to find where the source is, in the old days you could drop some oil from a dryer cylinder bearing mount to make sure it is the right one where you find "gold" in the oil return.
In my memory and around here SST and PV did pop up very close in time and I used them both in parallel and I had good use of both and not really or far from always giving the same indications but it may be in my timeline.
I rarely have the nerve or had any reason to follow a bearing fail longer than about 12 months. In some cases it takes time to get that size of bearings delivered but after a event like that many paper mills do have a spare.  In the cases so far that I have seen, the trend is your friend....... Not to forget, when and if the trend turns down, your time is up, it is time to swap the bearing ASAP.

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