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Data Dog

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Working on a 350hp motor with a magna drive unit attached to it pushing a water pump. The problem I'm having is when I collect the data on the Magna drive unit itself, I get a high 1 times then I can come back to it a few hours later and I will get a high 2 times.. anybody ever seen that issue before?

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Never had it. Are you sure it is 2X and not 2xLF? That can be picked up from magnetic fields in the air sometimes.
If it is a 2X, I can imagine that due to varying load, temperature or other conditions the alignment could differ from time to time. But it would be a sign of weak foundation or mounting then.
(Just an idea. could be a lot of other things also. You should compare levels and directions on different points. Maybe even phase between them)

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Two Questions:

Is one peak increasing and the other decreasing, or is one increasing/decreasing relative to the other while the other stays relatively constant?

Do you see the same behavior in both radial directions?
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