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Once we have retired the nuclear power plants and moth-balled the coal plants, and are dependent on “renewable” energy sources, and you have an “energy emergency”, people will die, especially in places like Texas & Louisiana, and southern Mississippi and Arkansas.
"The trend is your friend"
Danny Harvey

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Don't you guys in those places get a whole lot of sunshine?

I'm not sure why solar power has the reputation of being inefficient. The sun warms us from Absolute Zero to about 50 deg F for free with plenty of leftovers to supply mankind. The fact that we can't capture and store that is on us. Efficiently using the energy that is delivered to us for free every day instead of wasting resources digging and burning should have been made our national priority long ago.

Look where the Moon shot took us. There are some wild claims about successes but they are easily rebutted and some like the development of the PC would have happened anyway. So it took us to the Moon and to the ISS.

But if we had put an equivalent effort into things like Solar energy, energy storage, elimination of the internal combustion engine, think about where we would be.

I know I'd have a couple fewer (or at least different) clients, though. 

But as to the question of High Season, for my clients with outdoor equipment, it's winter. For the ones in the power industry, it's winter and summer. Paper and plastics don't really seem to be effected. 

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agree with danny, as I see sun power ups all renewable sources, wind, hydro, panels, tides, the inefficient is the way we consume and store this power, it won't improve until we move away from fossil energy.
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