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Ah I'm misunderstanding
The terminology this n, I thought it was to do with the sensitivity.

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Well that is about my definition on fiddling eg. "not possible to direct connect as a std EIEPE" and that may be good to know. Also remember that the supply from the collector is 2 or 4 mA or more constant current feed so the 24VDC is not stable unless the load is stable and may be different from 18-24 VDC with a std. EIEPE it drops to 8-14 VDC as std. So minimum you find a 3 way connector to connect to a 2 way connector and some fiddling. I have not tested so what may result in IRL I don't know, just wanted to inform on the difference that result in none std. sensitivity to have a reasonable range with a lower none EIEPE supply.

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I have used the i-Alert but I export the time waveform and import it into my own software so I can use HHT transforms etc. They are OK but personally, (now) I would look at these

The batteries are replaceable so nothing gets thrown away. They are also releasing a gateway to give access to their machine sentry portal.
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