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A major client has installed system 1 and also wants route data downloaded to system. At present we are doing route data with CSi/Emmerson and client believes CSi D/B can be imported to Commtest. anyone had experience with this?

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I seriously doubt that, sure Commtest was Mimosa compatible but now?  Did CSI ever claim to be Mimosa even at the peak of hype? VB/Commtest had a good SQL database connected to the Delphi /Pascal tools it was developed with, in system 1 version I don't know and anyway the VB database was locked by a key at least for writing..... MT/CSI used to be a flat file, easy to read but a bit messy but what it is these days I don't know. Since I still see discussions on size difficulties it may still be the same?
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Hi Nok,  I have 1 client that runs system 1 for their high speed online stuff and CSI for their walkaround stuff. GE is trying to get them to swap to the scout / vb whatever.  No hope.  just run the 2 platforms.  Why would you even contemplate getting rid of 2140's and replacing with vb / ge stuff.  GE is gearing up the charging finding every reason to increase prices where ever they can.  It is just upper management gone mad with pay rises for themselves.  Terrible behaviour and no respect for their client base.  I also doubt that GE would make it easy to import from CSI into s1.  You could try to give our old friends in Croydon a call to see what success they have had or your old boss IS. That I imagine would be free advice for a short phone call. rgds
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