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John from PA

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Originally Posted by RustyCas

The repair report said “Replaced the digital board due to faulty solder connections on the memory card socket.

Why should the user have to pay for something that the manufacturer admits is a "faulty solder connection."  Is the user now paying for a company's lack of quality control?


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Originally Posted by Walt Strong

Are you saying that battery and circuit boards are replaced with "annual calibration" whether necessary or not? This practice was not the case for the older analyzers like my 2120, so are the current 2140 analyzer components of much poorer quality? What is the cost of annual support as a percent of a new analyzer price?


At the last Wednesday Emerson conference they advise that sending in for calibration is actually a refurbishment inc replacing boards. and is why they come back looking new..  My cynical self doesn't quite believe (sounds too good to be true) that but it is certainly what was said by Emerson Australia. rgds

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So it is a expensive calibration or cheap refurbishment?

Either way I'm regretting not getting the hardware agreement

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I doubt they replace the boards if everything tests OK, unless there is a known issue. The 2140 has a fairly detailed battery diagnostics, so again, I doubt they replace a good battery. They will replace the screen if it has any “divots” or such, and the rubber case if damaged.

I paid $3100 USD for my new maintenance agreement. I’m not sure what the 2140 sells for (I traded a 2130), but I would think around $30K. So maintenance would be about 10% of new - that seems like a good deal to me to essentially always have an “as new” instrument.

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