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Has anyone used or seen these installed at a plant?  They are being pitched as a cheaper alternative to proximity probes.


The Insight FDS is a low cost non-intrusive sensor for fluid film bearings that indirectly measures bearing forces to provide time waveform, spectral, and 4-20mA overall condition monitoring capabilities comparable to proximity probes without the need for equipment downtime or machine work to install.


David Eason

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We played with a couple in the office but we never got to put them on live equipment. I don't remember there being an amplitude scale on the spectral peaks. We did notice that it would register our voices just talking among ourselves in the office.


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As someone who knows nothing about fluid film bearings and they're monitoring I cant say I have much insight, they do look like an interesting alternative though from all the hassle and mithre prox probes sound to be.
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