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Danny Harvey

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"Must be the sources of Good and Evil!"

That's exactly right. Mine was the good one.

The evil one was the second power supply that was supplying power to other on-line sensors within the same panel. Some how it got wired to the accels and not to the off switch for the real accel power supply.  So I was powering the accels with my data collector and from within the panel despite the fact that I had disabled the supply. The fact that it still hasn't been fixed after about 3 or 4 years kind of makes my other point.  That entire system was a waste of time and money.

But the amplitudes that resulted from two power supplies to the same accel were too low even for a machine that was idle and that's what made me think of it when Oli posted his data.

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I had a similar run for a period measuring at the same time on same sensors as a 3-letter on-line system that cycled the sensors on and of as it collected data. So if
I randomly collected data with 2 power that would give 4 or 8 or so mA supply that is within spec it was ok and when I just powered it from the collector, actually a 2120 it was also
ok, if I happen to collect in the transition with power turning on/off it got weird and I had to collect it again so powering from 2 sources in a IEPE setting can be ok using battery
driven portable w/o grounding trouble etc. etc. Every case is special so you never know. I though find it strange that they run 1 season basically with everything saying 0 in the panel. I think
they need some training. Since they had a warm winter they have a bad budget situation so it will likely not happen.

Good Vibrations since early 1950's, first patented vibrometer 1956 in the US.
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