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Does anyone here have an interest in acquiring a good used IRD B-50 stand?  This one has a fairly new motor that runs on 220V power.  It comes with the heavy rollers, light rollers, V-Blocks, and a base extension.

I used it with my CSI 2130/2140 and standard 100 mv accels and it worked perfectly.  I still have the old IRD box and pickups it came with, but I can't vouch for it's operation with that setup, as I never attempted to use it.

I can supply more details if needed (it's sort of buried in my shop right now).  Just trying to see if anyone on the board has an interest before I go to more trouble to sell it.

I need to sell it and I will make anyone here a good deal.  Will deliver anywhere in the lower 48 states.  (Getting it shipped here from California was a real pita - won't put anyone else through that)

"The trend is your friend"
Allen Plymon

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Rusty, I have been looking around half-heartedly for the past few years for something like this.  I have some close contacts that have pump impellers and blower shaft/wheels routinely balanced and some smaller electric motor rotors from another place.  Nothing extravagant but would be nice to have a machine such as this.  I grew up balancing components on an IRD B-50.  I wouldn't need the old IRD box anyway, I'd proceed as you described...  I'm not completely convinced that I'm going to do anything like this but what kind of price tag are you looking at?  Too, I'd come pick it up.  Arkansas isn't that far from Alabama...  

Allen Plymon
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