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We still use the French as it is the fastest and it catch the bearings so far (with our brute force L-method) and the new brand is about the same. We just note the current speed, machines are small and Yankee so not a full dryer luckily. We look up the speeds when we spot trouble. We have problems with the stretch roll on one machine repeatedly loose mount, Yankee drive on the same that may get a support bearing that was not required for 30 years. On the new machine a gbx for driven guideroll that is trending up indicating higher load since a year and a Xnip shoe press that got a step increase in vibration for first time in 5+ years, (part from when it once fell down when bolts broke off inside) why, should not be so much rotating inside? We have used Commtest for many years on the site so it was not so much change and CSI before that,
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Is there a way to transfer saved balancing data from the Microlog to @ptitude? I've looked through the manuals and can't seem to find any info on that.
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