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Big Al

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I'm sure Jason won't mind me posting this here. For those of you unfamiliar with the Mobius courses, this gives a brief idea of what to expect. This is a nice intro to diagnosing misalignment for the new guys or a  bite-sized refresher for those more experienced. It keeps everything nice and simple, which suits my thought process just fine. [smile] There is an expiry date of April 05 2016 so don't put off watching it for too long.
Danny Harvey

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I came across these a couple of months ago.  As always with Mobious, they are very easily comprehended and well presented.

I have found them very helpful and passed them along to my guys.  I expect that I missed a few and hope that Jason has been kind enough to put them on his web site.

Thanks Jason. They are 9 minutes well-spent.

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Thanks guys!

Our Nine Minutes of Knowledge series has been very popular.  The good news is that when you register you start back at the first video and every three weeks you are sent an e-mail with access to another video.

You can register here:


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I have taken their Vibration Analyst I training.  It was fascinating, they do a great job.  I also now always watch the 9 min...

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In addition to the 9 minutes of knowledge, Jason also provides a well-organized interface for other topics including resources, guides and references in the Mobius Knowledgebase website

Jim P
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