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Point taken, John. But I think I’m correct about at least those companies building “low bid” pumps, fans, etc. Of course, we could all talk at length about customers that just make random changes to designs: replacing a 75 lb fan wheel (titanium) with an identical (carbon steel) wheel weighing 225 lbs, on a 3600 rpm overhung fan with no other changes whatsoever; extending a fan shaft an additional 6” on a small overhung fan running 2400 rpm (thereby moving the fan 6” further out) because the shaft was “too short” (they had mounted the inlet cone at the wrong flange). And that’s just from the last 6 months.
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Can't say it used to work smooth in the other place I only know the steel plate where the motor is mounted had cracks on the upper weldings (was fixed before my measurements) and after installing the belts vibration at motor speed disappeared, I'm leaning towards looseness in the motor bearing caps
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