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This is a generic question that is open for discussion based on your experience as a person involved in giving a sort of training or you receiving it.

During the Covid19, classroom training has been hit very hard and online training has been promoted. I'd like to learn from you and from what you see around you on the movement to virtual space with the variations available.

Over the past months, I've seen both extremes and advocates in the middle. Some wanted to move almost every training to "computer screen-based" while some trainers simply stopped doing anything and decided to wait a few months to resume their work. Each of these sides gave me their justifications some of which are financial, branding, compliance, and business continuity.

Specifically on the domain of condition monitoring, machinery troubleshooting, etc how do you feel about the computer-based training?  Feel free to relate your comments to setups that will explain your points more like pure pre-video typed lectures, interactive self-paced el-earning, webinar type instructor-led virtual classes, etc.

Do you think whatever we had prior to Covid19 will completely return? Partially?

Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa

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We have had a very limited product training on-site and in the office 1-5 persons that was planned before. Previously we have done distance training using the customers platforms, not Covid related but distance. Really hard work, more like a distributed classroom and w/o seeing the participants at that time it is not half as fun. Seriously hard work. I think we will go back to training with human contact as it is a real value in that, but may be wrong, hope not.
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I was supposed to be giving training in China about 2 weeks after Corona hit and was bummed to see that disappear. I don't think that is going to get rescheduled. I was also supposed to hit Mumbai later this year and I see that India just surged to the top of the curve, so I guess that is not going to happen for at least another year, probably not at all. I've already started to translate my slides into videos. Management loves them and I think this is the way it will all end up going. Looks like my history of having an educational youtube channel may have bit me in the ass!

I am honestly torn about whether I like this direction. We miss out on:
  • There is very little rapport built with the students. In our case, half of the intent is to develop a relationship with the factory so they will use our support and services in troubleshooting cases (its all within the same company so its free for them, they just need to reach out).
  • The physical aspects are all lost. How do I explain to someone over Zoom what the effect of a rocking accelerometer is? What it feels like? One of the things I really push for is for feeling the machines so you get a more visceral feeling of the vibration. Many of ya'll can probably identify amplitude and frequency of vibration to within a pretty precise margin. That's all lost.
  • There is no chance to directly apply what they are learning to their machines in their testbeds.
  • I don't see how their testbeds are setup and what capabilities they have to aid in future troubleshooting support. I don't see and get to know their machine types either. A drawing is only worth so much.
  • I suspect that the media will be expected to be much more polished. In person, quality of the speaker overwhelms the slides. Online, quality of the slides will overwhelm the speaker... IMO.
  • They just won't pay attention as much and won't learn as much. I don't think this is very contentious.
  • The travel is generally low stress vs. on-site warranty cases and more enjoyable.
However, the benefits:
  • Cheaper for the company (lower expenses, larger classes)
  • Ability to space learning out to do one day a week instead of 5 days in a row
  • Ability to record media so the training can be wider spread (for us not training internally). With this, the media will be more easily revisited if necessary.
I don't think you are going to see anyone advocating for highschools or universities to move to all online lectures just because it makes sense on the surface. What seems like a good idea for the first 5 seconds is going to reveal a lot of other unforeseeable problems that I can't list, I just suspect they are there.
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