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Does anyone here have significant experience with Panasonic Toughbooks? Interested in how well they perform and do they live up to the hype? Thinking of using one as a base for a vibration analyzer using Adash’s Signal Analyzer Box.  I am particularly intrigued with being able to record signals for flexible post processing.


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That's interesting! How much will that be?

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I primarily used a panasonic toughbook with a NI module velcro'd to the bottom for my first 3 years as an analyst. It was a bit cumbersome (we used a full shoulder harness), but we never had a issue with dropping or wetness in that time. Just a USB socket loosening up. The worst thing was absolutely the price tag at $8000 with specs which would just be a 1000 without the toughbook. The models I used are all 12+ years old though, so current quality will not have much to do with the quality back then.

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I bought a used Toughbook (CF-52) on eBay (very reasonable price) to do exactly what you are considering, post-retirement part-time PdM work. I bought one because
it is what I used during my full-time work as a "field analyzer" in a tough naval training prototype environment.
They are robust and I believe shock-resistant/tested.

The only modification I made was to swap out the hard drive with an SSD for faster boot ups and (hopefully) longer life.
I have no regrets

Regards and Good Luck
Jim Powers

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