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 How many cases of piping vibration do you typically attend?
 3 cases or more annually 1 20%
 Around 3 cases every 3 years 2 40%
 3 cases or less in 10 years 2 40%
 Another answer 0 0%
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Piping Vibration Market Size-up


I gave feedback to a team doing market research on piping vibration and want to compare my feedback (experience) to yours. The question was on the volume of work.

As a general vibration practitioner*, what is the portion of your activities are devoted to piping vibration problems?

* By general vibration I mean you are not specialized on a certain part of this field like rotor dynamics or structural analysis.

At the industrial facility where I'm stationed, some of the piping issues are directly attended by the maintenance crew and inspection (stationery asset inspectors). There is this kind of notion that pipings are not rotating so rotating equipment team and vibration teams are not invited, sometimes.

Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa

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I work in a lot of varying Industries and tend to mainly do route work on established schedules with monthly surveys. I come across the odd pipework vibration issue but maybe 2-3 times a year.

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My initial training was in the US Navy 30 years ago and since my official task was "noise reduction" I actually got trained on piping vibration, but can count the times I've done it on one hand.  The most interesting was a municipality that was a regular customer than had included piping vibration into their acceptance criteria on a pumping station upgrade.  The contractor doing the work "overlooked" that part of the contract; so our contact asked me for a quote to do it, letting me know they were back charging the contractor so quote accordingly (he wasn't happy with the contractor).  I wasn't so much doing analysis as making sure the vibration didn't exceed their specs, but I had to test it in every pump combination at different points on the pump curve.  It was maybe 20 minutes of actual work but when they pumped down the sump we had to wait for it to refill before they could do the next round of texting.  I spent probably 8 hours sitting around waiting, luckily this was literally on the beach.

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Back in Canada when I was more regularly running routes, the majority of issues were pipe vibration. This was for recip compressors though. I think they are generally going to always have more pipe vibration issues than any other machine.
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