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The peakvue results on my motors is mostly dominated by 2LF which I presume results from processing of the RBPF+/- 2LF type pattern.

Is there any easy way to set up peakvue to exclude this contribution?  (obviously I don't want to set Fmax below 2LF).

Walt Strong

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The only thing you can do is choose a high pass filter setting that is above the RBPF, if possible. The PeakVue process is pretty much cast in stone with only a few choices for high pass filter and the F-Max for the spectrum.


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You can mark the frequency with your cursor then press the D key to delete the peak, peak can be restored by right click/restore peak. If you have cursor in harmonic mode it will delete the harmonic peaks as well

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Hi Pete,

As Walt says I don’t think you can do much about this.

PeakVue can be confusing, in PeakVue you are using a High Pass filter. From my understanding when you see 2LF in PeakVue it is not 2LF like in velocity. If you have rotor bar pass frequency and you have 100/120Hz sidebands, when you look at the PeakVue you will see 100/120Hz. This 100/120Hz is telling you there is clear modulation of the rotor bar by twice line frequency (and would indicate some stator eccentricity).



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