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It was bolted and I also added hats of PU under that bolt head, yes it was normal not reinforced PU. Machines were water circ pumps for a watercooled nuke sized generator. It was one of the first foundations I messed with and I also had filled the skid with concrete and didn't have the beginners luck so it was not expanding concrete as I had ordered so I had to inject for the skid. A bit messy but it was better than how I found it anyway.
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Originally Posted by Pavel
Hi guys! I'm new to vibrodiagnostics, the CSI 2140 device I'm really looking forward to your help. The question is this: in the spectrum I see a peak and side bands but I can not understand how it is modulated. Can there be an algorithm of actions? how to recognize this ?. And the second question is how to recognize the dynamic and static eccentricity in the spectrum, what to look for.
  Thank you!


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