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My company just acquired 4 of these tools and they are pretty slick devices. Nice interface and very easy to work with. BUT.....on the first alignment I attempted with my new toy, we were having a serious chasing my tail issue on a 125 HP horizontal pump. We had a soft foot issue that took about a day to remedy but we were able to take care of this. On my last reading this happened. When taking my readings, we take 3 at 12, 3&6 or as close as possible to those points. First reading my vertical offset was out by .013. Tool says take out shims at all feet. Just for giggles, I took another reading, but rotating opposite. 12,9&6. Offset still out by .013 BUT tool says to remove shims in front but ADD in the rear! Why would it be different? Any help would be appreciated. SKF tech support hasn’t answered me yet. Thanks.

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Hi HVAC, I work for an SKF distributor and have sold a few of these, 
initially sounds like a soft foot issue. 
Have you downloaded the soft foot app, its a separate app( why?I don't know ) then when you are in the alignment screen and setting up it will ask if you have done the soft foot, just check the tick boxes.
If you still have an issue, it may be a calibration issue, have all heads returned this result or just the one you tried?

I haven't come across any issues such as you describe, but always a first time.
Have you tried them on this email? (are you in US?)

Or submit this

I have found it a good little tool and especially since the launched the Vertical alignment app for it a few months back it is a pretty versatile tool.


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What type of coupling is involved? This can affect measurements when rotating opposite directions if there is play inside coupling. or bracket sag/movement.
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