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Hi all ,

I just want to have your opinion on the SPM technics ( Shock Pulse measurment).
I note something strange with their system and when I talk to them , they don't really help me, or simply don't know the reason.

for exemple , on planetary gearbox for wind turbine ( 2 planetary stages + 1 helicoidal stage )
I have duotech sensor (the news type of sensor with the SPM technics and accelerometer.

I see peaks on the high speed shaft let say 16.199 orders which do not correspond to any frequency from kinematic data , or auxilary component. I can follow it trough all the gearboxes , with the transformation ratio , and the side band from the HSS speed. But I only see them with the SPM technics and not the accelerometer. Theses peak is typical from the type of gearboxes, all the different gearbox have their own peak .

they don't really understand want is happening there ...

Does some of you use SPM ? or know the technics?

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