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I am now eventually doing this funny test on a couple of large motors for the third time, don't ask why, one reason maybe that the foundation changes depending on where they are. So the current ISO is I think 21940-31 and some similar is API 546 ed. 3 and maybe some 541 ed. 4. So you guys do this fun and games often? I havet to brag since my father was active in the process when this procedure was proposed some 40+ years ago and some 15+ years later the first version emerged and this is the second revelation in the ISO world that is. Would the API version be older and maybe the inspiration to the ISO? One difference for this motor that may or may not be a future headche here is that API evaluation can be found to have a acceptance at apprx. 1.4 for this motor and OEM may rely on ISO and evaluate to 5 so we will see what the result will be. It is anyway a sort of evaluation of the foundation that is the end user territory so it may be good or getting fun.
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