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A friend, a supplier of work, working for CBI crushers locally perished in his line of duty a couple of weeks ago working on a CBI. on site, correctly dressed in steel toe shoes and helmet. Hit by a truck barely outside the CBI and instantly died. I always look very carefully on those sites. I place cars, trolleys with obsolete things like CSI2120 around in random way to slow down truck speed.... by threatening their paintjob- . Take care and we will delay meeting we will have in the great crusher, hammermill gathering in the later as long as possible. May the deity speed of your selection be with you on your forward journey. I had an employee that celebrated his divorce proceedings finalizing by a beer in a bar on a Sunday, fell backwards hit head on stone floor, died instantly so he died happy. Leaving ex wife and daughter to always remember him. He was a Irish folk music guitar player so the burial ceremony was never forgotten in this cold dark place. He never got around to fill in the insurance papers and I didn't pester him enough to do it..... I regret so many things. It is more than 20 years ago but it still hovers in memory. He worked all his life in a industrial environment and never had a serious insident that the spoke about. Similar cudos and wishes for him

So take care, extremely care, life is fragile. May you and all of you be safe from so futile events. 

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