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Originally Posted by OLi
I always have a copy of my Fathers book on balancing in all our balancing kits, it makes me feel safe but it is still in Swedish :-) so only to be readable to Dutch people outside the Nordic....

Funny you should say that OLi.  when I was in Sweden I could read quite a bit of Swedish as a Dutch born and Dutch speaker / reader / writer. rgds

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Well we have a lot of cooperation and exchange and Dutch learn "flytande Svenska" in a few weeks if they care to do it. I can also read Dutch papers, no problem hearing it spoken is another thing... It is a hangback from the "Hansa" trade system that was around here for some quite long time where there were trade cities belonging to the Hansa and it was cross country boarders and extremely rich and powerful owning the trade ships and routes of the time where communication was a mix of the involved countries languages and every body understood that "language" and we still do :-) So we need a Dutxh wall chart, right? All Nordic, Dutch, German and South Africa etc. can use it....?
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