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I'm interested to learn your practice on resetting the axial position setpoints. Do you adjust the set points (Alarm and Trip or whatever you call them) after installing a new bearing or perhaps after doing some repairs?

Following the typical API guidelines of setting the positive and negative triggers, the limits are based on the cold end play (the axial clearance between the rotor and thrust bearing pads). My practice is that these alarm settings are fixed despite the small changes in the actual end play we adjust the machine to. For instance, the OEM calls for 12 mils end play and the alarms are +/- 16 mils. We may (due to a few reasons) box up the machine with only 10 mils (or 14 mils) but we do not change the alarms. We keep them +/- 16 mils.

What is your normal practice, do you change the setpoints every time or you keep them?

Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa
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