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In your facility, what percentage of rotating equipment trips are caused by faulty signals (online vibration protection system)?

This could vary from one year to another. Let's take 2016 to compare the feedback.

Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa

John from PA

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Knowing the type of transducer causing the faulty signal might also be of benefit.  In my experience I would support that proximity probes are far less of an issue than casing transducers.  

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In my world it is the other way around so it may depend on machinery. Olov
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I'm at a combined cycle power plant-10 generators in all. I have found that we have many more cable/connector issues with our prox probes than with the actual sensors. Most of our units have trips with a time delay circuit so faulty or noisy signals don't take us out and it gives us a chance to verify bad signals from bad vibration. Last week we had some issues on prox probes spiking on a Toshiba steam turbine and we found out that the their time delay was 3 seconds as opposed to the 9 or 10 seconds for a GE or Siemen's/Westinghouse. Made us sweat for a bit after finding out that nugget. We ended up disconnecting the power to prevent a unwanted trip. As far as acels we have maybe 500 installed on our equipment as part of our continuous monitoring project and we have a handful of issues at any one time with those.
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