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No not likely but may be wrong, piezo strain elements are made to increase sensitivity. In the cases I seen like pressure sensors with strain gauges made directly on the glass and the glass being the pressure membrane in the pressure sensor. There are on the other hand ultrasound MEMS sensors, that seems to be compact and maybe fun to test. Piezo film sensors on the other hand are exactly what it says, a piezo film, normally a "plastic" variation that is made to behave as a piezo, eg. by that far from a piezo crystal and have some different behavior and could be made in to the ultrasonic range.
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Originally Posted by Curran919

That's a shame. There is just not significant freely available information on ultrasound testing, so I was hoping the paid info would be better, considering its not a new tech. Its funny how really experienced people get pigeonholed into certain area of the industry. I took a vibe course from a guy who dealt 95% with turbines. When I asked him about peakvue, he had never heard about it, but this guy has a bloody text book written on vibration. He just doesn't care about rolling element bearings because he never sees them...

So far I have gotten much better information from SDT (we purchased a couple units recently). I am hoping to attend their training soon to see if its better.

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"Is this the strain gauge shaped piezo elements? That's what comes up when I google a piezo film sensor. What would this be used for?"

Search: piezo pvdf*Q0k38SQCLj7%21iPVWr9Uc1gGMQX5Fb68n6puDjluOUt6VETi7RcWx

Measurement Specialties (I have used these sensors)

The material is extremely light and fragile. Use it as a bare material of configure with appropriate packaging into a specific sensor.

I have conducted ultrasound training. I recommend Jim Hall for practical hand-on training for many ultrasound applications.


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