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Originally Posted by OLi
Speed is in RPM, Frequency is in Hz otherwise parameter referenced may be exactly the same in my book... convert by factor 60 as in no of seconds per minute no other difference implicated in my book whatsoever... . Forget it I give up, still strongly confirm my prejudice on these quizzes as previously expressed.... 

I stand my point, speed is any unit over time (unit/time, mph, ips, gallons per minute, cpm, rpm, steps/day), frequency is cycles/time, rpm, cpm, cicles per second or hertz.

you can eat your meal in 30 seconds (speed) but you eat meal every day (frequency).... Im sorry not mean to confuse and bore anyone on how I understand things.


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I agree with what Ron said about rewording, and then my answer would be D also

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On motors where we are currently, speed is rotational speed in RPM or Hz in my book still. I rarely have dinner with a motor, it may happen but not really voluntarily. They may pay my dinner but I don't find them that nice. I agree in rare cases it may the speed the thing do exit out the door or wall but that is an exception to me and does not count here.
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Originally Posted by David Eason

I believe this question is best suited for level 2 or 3. The answer is D, but I think it's a little tricky for a level 1 person.

David Eason

I tend to agree with you. Based on my assessment, this is a challenging question for Cat I. Those challenging questions (in the booklets) are marked with this icon at the end of the question.
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Originally Posted by OLi
You want your work in Spanish? Just asking, maybe not serious but a huge market in need?

In fact, many requests were received about this. I guess a couple of the Spanish instructors have already got special permission from the publisher to translate a selected sample of the questions and add them in their training.

I would consider the translation after the complete series is issued (8 parts).

Regards- Ali M. Al-Shurafa

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