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This might be a subjective but I'd like to hear the guidelines and examples.

Are the forum members here prohibited from posting content that is of a marketing nature about a product?

When is it needed for Vendor Warning to be posted?

What are the acceptable ways to review a product, critique features and suggest improvements?

Thank you for your help.


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I don’t think it’s prohibited but I think it’s a point of courtesy to inform others your speaking from the point of view of being a vendor,.
I personally think it’s shady to make claims about a product merits while purposely not informing you’ve a commercial interest in it.
Think about the fake news adverts in online news sites your reading a factual story on a site then randomly you see some nonsensical claim that’s pertaining to someone or something in ‘your local area’ which you know is garbage i.e irish palm tree growers reporting record returns on 2019 coconut crop’

My point being if someone’s selling something I have no issue once they clearly declare they’re selling.
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