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Not posted on here for some time as the CM work I do has been winding down and finally come to a halt with the closure of our power station. I am looking for options and may opt to go freelance if work presents itself upon redundancy. My employer has let mew retain a lot of my equipment so i have possibilities of continuing in some vein or I could opt to sell some of the equipment. Out of interest what value would people place on kit like Dynamix data collectors, Commtest Vb's, modal impact hammers, and Wicare wireless condition monitoring equipment?



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I bought some stuff from a power station closing down figuring if a "scrappy" person buying lots of stuff for nothing and re selling was allowed to buy the 2130 and software licence (of which they would not be a aware) then it would sell for almost zero and they would not know what to do with it.

Instead I made them an offer they did not refuse and CSI 2130 and soft licence found a great home at less than what it would have cost from Emersen.  So it was a balance. More than zero, less than new. lets meet in between.  You have to weigh up in the situation for benefit of both.

So in answer - the value really depends. I don't use those brands so for me zero apart from maybe impact hammers. rgds
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